Multimodal transport

"To support you in your transport activities, we provide solutions in accordance with your needs across all hemispheres"

Transport Director, Richard VALERIO.

The driving force behind customer projects, with the support of our various subsidiaries and their expertise, we are able to transport our customers' equipment and goods through a comprehensive offer: Road Transport, Maritime Transport, Air Transport and Rail Transport. 

These different resources allow us to guarantee services quality in many business sectors.

Through our freight forwarding subsidiaries located on several continents, Legendre has brought together 3 networks: World Project Group, CrossTrades - OBL and Project Export Network, to bring a community of partners together who share our values, located in nearly 80 countries.

With the support of our networks, locations and expertise, we recommend solutions that meet customer requirements, and support them in their multimodal transport choices: air, sea, rail and road, for their goods and for the management of their industrial projects.

Whatever the approach the customer chooses for his organisation, our teams of specialists provide support and offer tailor-made solutions to our customers. They are responsible for the smooth delivery of their goods in compliance with international and environmental regulations and our CSR approach.


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