This being Legendre Logistics   traditional and constantly evolving core business, we are constantly integrating new technologies to meet the numerous demands of our customers in France and abroad. Our offers are researched, adapted and personalised according to our customers' specifications. We process and implement over 200,000 orders a year, all managed by a computerised transport system.

A founder member of the ASTRE network (Association de Transporteurs Routiers Européens) in 1992, this network has a presence throughout France and much of Europe. It provides an excellent network, significant rolling stock and a European distribution network for palletised freight via the PALLET SYSTEM.

Our services are rendered using specific technical resources according to the needs of our customers, from the pallet to full loads to meet their requirements. There are over 400 registration documents and over 300 Legendre transport specialists, to which are added nearly 20,000 "Astrian" registration documents spread over more than 300 locations in Europe.

Concerned with and committed to the environment, our drivers are authorised ADR (Accord for Dangerous goods by Road) and are trained in eco-driving. Our company was awarded the Objectif CO2 label in 2017 by the ADEME (Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Energie) following our participation in the Objectif CO2 charter in 2012. 

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