Our values


Since it was created in 1945, Groupe LEGENDRE has continuously sought to improve and develop the various aspects of its business in order to provide high quality and personalised service to its customers.


As a founder member of the ASTRE network, Number 1 European network of hauliers and logistics experts, Groupe LEGENDRE also offers industrial solutions beyond France’s borders.

New technology has proved its increased effectiveness in service provision and Groupe LEGENDRE’s associates have been fully trained in use of tracing systems and on-board technology. 
Our transport service contains a wide range of vehicles which respect the most recent environmental standards.


In order to assist our customers as much as possible, Groupe LEGENDRE has internal project groups to fulfil customer requirements, optimise and streamline the organisation, provide innovative solutions for all the different service sectors within the group.

Receptivity, imagination and creativity remain the core values of Groupe LEGENDRE while respecting the constraints and requirements of our customers.


The men and women working for us are committed, competent and service oriented.


For over fifteen years, Groupe LEGENDRE has been developing its activities on an international scale, notably due to our Asian office. 



•    High levels of service
•    Customer provided with a sole and reliable contact
•    International range
•    An innovative and reactive SME
•    Optimisation and full control of costs to customers
•    Men and women fully committed to serving the customer





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