Mobile phone logistics



A turnkey offer to assist you with your 3G/4G deployments.



Groupe LEGENDRE can install your telephone relay systems.


  • management of the logistics chain connected to the installation of your mobile phone network, from storage of your equipment to onsite installation.
  • recovery and recycling of your old installations.


We systematically design personalised solutions which are tailored to your need and we can, upon request, undertake cabling operations upon authorisation.




Our expertise :

  • More than 20 years’ experience with telephone equipment, a recognised company by different operators and integrators.
  • Management of large-scale deployment or swap projects.
  • Services ranging from spare parts logistics to reverse logistics.
  • Cutting and re-use of holes in walls



Types of delivery :

  • lifting gantry
  • crane or automatic crane
  • helicopter transportation
  • portage
  • installation assistance



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