Packaging and industrial projects



"Industrial packaging is a complicated line of business which requires, above and beyond making the packaging which may appear simple, expertise in studying and designing appropriate technical and logistical solutions for projects while respecting international regulations." 
Christophe GUIBERTEAU, Industrial Packaging Director.


Packaging is one of Groupe LEGENDRE’s core occupations, and we are a certified member of SEILA (n° 13). Thanks to the expertise and the vast experience of our teams of industrial packagers, your most sensitive pieces of equipment and your most sophisticated machines will be transported in perfect safety.


The solutions proposed are original and adapted. We are careful to control costs. Our teams can intervene on your sites or the material can be moved and subsequently packaged in our workshops.



Our expertise : 


  • comprehensive service thanks to a combination of Logistics + Packaging
  • consolidation and flux management platform
  • organisation of reception and associated control processes 
  • management and organisation of industrial projects in France and abroad
  • study and manufacture of specific packaging
  • wooden boxes and industrial packaging
  • packaging of works of art and exceptional objects
  • handling and lifting
  • study, design and manufacture of specific pallets
  • study, elaboration and marking of WRAPP, cardboard boxes, polypropylene
  • filling of containers, loading and specific stowing arrangements
  • packaging regulated items

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