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"Our job as logistics experts is to assist you by providing made-to-measure solutions"Damien TRICARD, Deputy CEO, Logistics and Trade. 




Groupe LEGENDRE has 19 sites, 6 of which are in situ and each is run by a manager.


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We will meet your requirements in terms of :

  • controlling the environment
  • controlling high-volume products
  • providing effective and optimised logistics solutions
  • formalising and optimising the processes required
  • measuring performance and harmonising control panels
  • committing to a risk management strategy and continuous improvement







This organisation allows us to guarantee your objectives with : 


  • dedicated contacts
  • personalised assistance
  • full confidentiality
  • sufficient flexibility
  • customer proximity




Our key figures : 


130 000 m2 of protected warehouses in the following French departments 28, 37, 53, 78, 86, 91, 92 and 93

45 000 packaging units prepared by day

83 250 Racked Pallet Spaces

35th logistics expert in France in the Logistiques Magazine classificationLogistiques Magazine

1 powerful WMSReflex

1 internal flux tracking system for in situ sites, FAST TRACKING




ISO 9001 Standard



Part of our activities and sites is certified under ISO 9001 V2008. We undertake to set up an organisation and management for this kind of flux.



Installations Classified for Environmental Protection.



Our approach guarantees that our services will provide you with optimum service quality while respecting environmental standards.


Risk Management



We control the entirety of our customers’ flux while remaining attentive to Risk Management.




Overall logistics expertise :

  • overall made-to-measure and specialised logistics
  • permanent service quality guarantee (over 99.5 % service rate)
  • end-to-end protection and control of your logistics chain
  • optimisation of your costs and flux piloting thanks to flexible and effective logistics




Contactez le Groupe LEGENDRE - tél. 0 800 71 28 78


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